Here at Kentergraph we offer a variety of machining and production services, which you can find outlined below.  We can manage everything from bespoke one-off pieces to high volume manufacturing. If you are unsure whether we can assist you with your work, please feel free to us. 

badge Laser Cutting

Driven by computer, our laser cutting is extremely accurate, with a cutting tolerance of 0.1mm. The high-power laser leaves an edge of high surface quality, resulting in little or no clean up.  Our laser cutters are typically used with sheet materials, including plastis and wood.

Our workable bed size is 800 * 450mm

asset identification Laser Engraving

Much like laser cutting, our laser engraving is an extremely accurate computer driven method of engraving materials, such as plastics, metals, wood and glass. Depending on the material, various depths can be achieved to meet your specification.

Our workable bed size is 800 * 450mm

asset identification CNC Rotary Cutting

Our CNC rotary cutting service is a profile-cutting method that uses traditional cutting and tooling bits. It can be used with a wide selection of materials, such as aluminium, steel, and plastics.   

Our workable bed size is 1200 * 600mm

asset identification CNC Rotary Engraving

Similarly to rotary cutting, our rotary engraving can tackle much tougher materials like metals with greater depth.  Unlike with laser engraving, the use of different tooling bits can achieve various contours to your engraving.

Our workable bed size is 1200 * 600mm

asset identification Metal Photo Printing

Our metal photo, or photographic aluminium printing, is a method of infusing dyes into anodised aluminium sheets.  Rather than printed on the surface, the image is infused into the metal, meaning incredible durability and longevity in all conditions.

asset identification Braille

Coupled with our CNC rotary engraving service, we offer a Raster Braille service, which inserts uniform Braille domes into the surface of your material, creating tactile signage that meet ADA guidelines.  We also have translation software available, so no prior artwork is required.

asset identification Design Services

Know what you want but can’t provide production ready artwork? No problem!  Our team can assist you with your artwork whether you have a sketch on paper or simply an outline in your head.  us today to see how we can help.